An invaluable material of exceptional durability

Great architecture is both timeless and enduring and Schweinstaler sandstone precisely conveys such permanence through its diversity of colours and distinctive appearance. It is an authentic, natural product that renders every building a unique character.


A material that lasts for centuries

The 95 percent quartz content of Schweinstaler sandstone makes it a material of exceptional durability that has been used for hundreds of years and is acclaimed for both its building qualities as well as its rich, spectrum of colours. Schweinstaler sandstone has therefore become an integral part of many significant buildings over the centuries and is often used today in the preservation of protected monuments.

We are especially pleased when our stone is used to restore buildings to their former glory, as a wish to preserve history and pass it on to future generations closely mirrors our own corporate values: The Carl Picard natural sandstone workshop has been around for close to 110 years, a clear commitment to tradition in itself.

gardening and landscaping

A peaceful constancy amongst ever changing nature

Schweinstaler sandstone is hard-wearing with an attractive surface that is welcoming to the touch, yet still blends harmoniously with nature's verdancy. As the game of seasons plays out its natural conclusion so our sandstone forms a peaceful foundation that embraces the moss and lichen of time.

The potential use of sandstone in both gardening and landscaping is thus almost limitless, from imposing steps and walls to attractive terraces, or maybe even a striking piece of sculpture, the possibilities are endless.

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